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    Best Space Heaters for $100 or Less

    Keep warm and cozy with one of these budget-friendly space heaters that perform well in CR’s tests

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    Lasko T22840 Space Heater
    Like the Lasko T22840 seen here, a number of space heaters that perform well in our tests also cost $100 or less.
    Photo: Lasko

    When it comes to space heaters, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean you get more for your money.

    “You don’t have to spend top dollar to get a space heater with the features you want,” says Marion Wilson-Spencer, a market analyst at Consumer Reports. “Almost all the space heaters in this price range come with a remote control and important safety features, like a tip-over switch.”

    More on Space Heaters

    Below, you’ll find ratings and reviews of space heaters that cost $100 or less and perform well in our tests. (Prices can fluctuate, so you may see a model selling for slightly more than $100 at times.)

    In our lab, we gauge how well a space heater warms an entire room, as well as the person sitting directly in front of it. We also rate models on safety, such as how likely they are to cause nearby fabrics (such as drapes or upholstery) to ignite, and how hot the surface gets so you’ll know to protect your hands—here’s more on how to use your space heater safely. We look for other features that promote safety, too, such as a tip-over switch, which automatically turns off the heater if it falls over.

    These five space heaters (listed in alphabetical order) earn strong scores in our heating and fire-safety tests and can be purchased for less than a hundred bucks. For more information and choices, see our full space heater ratings and space heater buying guide.

    Best Space Heaters Under $100

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