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    How to Prepare Your Bedroom (and Yourself) for Better Sleep

    The essentials that will help you get a good night’s rest

    Is there anything more satisfying than a full night of sleep—or worse than tossing and turning, waiting for slumber to come?

    More on better sleep

    Having a relaxing nighttime routine and a consistent bedtime is a good start, but other strategies may be helpful, too. When it comes to sleep-related products, CR’s experts have plenty of tips for finding what’s best for you. Here are some of them—from Chris Regan, who leads CR’s mattress testing, and from Bernie Deitrick, who led CR’s tests of mattress toppers and weighted blankets. Plus, advice from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and other groups on how to get better sleep.

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    Illustration: Chris Philpot

    Editor’s Note: A version of this article also appeared in the November 2022 issue of Consumer Reports On Health.