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    Hearing aid Ratings

    Tune in to the best hearing aids. Digital hearing aids such as behind-the-ear and completely-in-the-canal models have pros and cons you should know about.

    View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best hearing aids.

    Hearing aid retailers (10)

    Our survey-based ratings take into consideration the evaluation customers get, the selection of hearing aids available, how good the staff is at answering questions, and the retailer's follow-up services, among several other aspects.

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    Hearing aid brands (16)

    Our ratings take into account battery life, ease of cleaning, fit and comfort, and sound clarity, among other key criteria.

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    Evidence is mounting that untreated hearing loss is a significant national health concern, and studies have linked it with other serious health problems, including depression, a decline in memory and concentration, and perhaps even dementia.