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Lexus RX350H, Subaru BRZ, Ford F-150 Lightning
April 2023 The full issue is available for  

Cover Story

Best Cars of the Year: 10 Top Picks of 2023
These exceptional models meet our very highest standards for performance, safety, reliability, and more

Special Section

Which Car Brands Make the Best Vehicles?
We ranked 32 brands based on the Overall Scores of their models, which include road tests, reliability, satisfaction, and safety
Will an Electric Car Save You Money?
We calculated energy costs, tax credits, and hidden discounts, and have the answer.
Electric Vehicles That Can Go More Than 250 Miles on a Charge
All of these EVs can be used multiple days in a row without needing to be constantly recharged
Just Say No to These Car Dealership Extras
Rustproofing. VIN etching. Extended warranties. Don’t get talked into these pricey add-ons when you buy your next car.


Ford’s BlueCruise Ousts GM’s Super Cruise as CR’s Top-Rated Active Driving Assistance System
Tesla Autopilot falls to midpack as other high-tech systems improve
Best Tire Values Based on Consumer Reports' Tests
From all-season to all-terrain, these tires deliver the best performance for the money

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The April 2023 issue of Consumer Reports provides the latest ratings and reviews plus rigorous reporting on issues that impact consumers. Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted sources for information and advice on consumer products and services, with more than 7 million paying members.
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