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    Smart Speaker Ratings

    Use the power of your voice to play music, turn on lights, and check the weather with a smart speaker.  We compared sound quality, voice assistance platform, and ease of use to help you decide on the best fit for your home.

    View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best smart speakers.

    Smart Speakers (37)

    Besides sound quality and ease of use, our testers consider versatility when rating smart speakers. They take into account the array of features each speaker has, including voice recognition and the ability to make phone calls.

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    Since they were first introduced, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have been adept at providing weather reports and 2-minute cooking timers when summoned by voice command. But when it comes to playing music, they haven’t always been a match for the best-sounding nonsmart wireless speakers atop our ratings.That has changed over time. It began with the introduction of the Amazon... Echo StudioSonos One, and now-discontinued Google Home Max, speakers that not only are smart but also make sound quality a high priority. And that improvement has trickled down to less expensive models such as the latest Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio, which now display a marked improvement in sound quality over their predecessors. At the same time, the feature selection has grown more robust, with models adding rechargeable batteries, weatherproofed designs, and touch screens that allow you to view anything from a new empanada recipe to your favorite Taylor Swift music video.In most ways, this shift in priorities is a bonus for consumers. You get more choices at a variety of prices. But it also makes selecting the right smart speaker more complex. So smart shopping is a must if you want to find the smart speaker that’s best for you.