Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Appliance?

CR’s interactive tool uses product costs, depreciation rates, and survey data to help you make the right choice

It’s often hard to know when it’s time to part ways with a kitchen or laundry appliance. Do you repair it when it breaks? Or do you shoulder the expense, and hassle, of replacing it? Our interactive tool can help you figure out whether it’s worth repairing your appliance—or if you’re better off buying a new one.

Our repair-vs.-replace tool is based on data from CR’s exclusive member surveys, along with product-specific depreciation rates. The product in question’s age, the cost of repairs, and the cost of buying new are also taken into account.

(Before you shop, find out which brands make the most reliable appliances.)

For more details on repairing or replacing specific appliances—along with whether or not to hire a pro and tips for finding a new appliance that will last—check out our in-depth Repair vs. Replace series:

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Over-the-Range Microwave
Washing Machine
Clothes Dryer